5 rules for a healthy life on World Health Day 2022

World Health Day 2022: 5 tips or rule for a healthy life

5 rules for a healthy life on World Health Day 2022

The first World Health Assembly was organized in 1948 and this is the day when World Health Organisation (WHO) was founded. Therefore, every year 7th April is celebrated as World Health Day in memory of the WHO foundation to bring awareness in the field of health. For this, the WHO organizes different events, shows, activities in different regional and international locations.

Every year the theme is decided for World Health Day to bring more health awareness on that particular matter. In last year, the theme for World Health Day 2021 was “Building a fairer and healthy world for everyone“. The theme for World Health Day 2022 is not yet decided.

The whole world is facing different health issues and diseases. Different health organizations are working hard to find solutions for health issues and providing better health to people. But we also have to be aware, safe and maintain our health by our own efforts.

The world has progressed rapidly in the past few decades in terms of technology and different fields are also. This progress and evolution have their own benefit as well as disadvantages also. Nowadays people are more busy than past. They don’t have time to take proper sleep as well as food on time. People also shifted to unhealthy diets such as overuse of junk and fast food, unhealthy and preservative containing packed foods and drinks. They also face physical as well as mental stress due to too busy and insecure lifestyles. These all things adversely affect their overall health and finally, they may have to face some kind of health issues.

Today on World Health Day, I am sharing 5 rules that should be followed in life to bring better health.

Have a healthy and balanced diet

A healthy and balanced diet is one of the utmost importance for any person to maintain overall health and immunity as well as it helps to stay away from many diseases. According to health experts, a person should take at least three healthy and nutritious diets per day.

The diet should be light to digest easily and should include seasonal fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein-rich pulses, and other foods including milk also. Arrange your diet in such a way that it should consist of good quality protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and all other essential nutrients required for body needs

A person should consume their meal according to their daily needs, workload, and body structure. Anyone should not overeat anything. Overeating even healthy foods may invite health issues. Stay away from regular use of fast foods, preservatives, and extra sugar-containing packaged foods and drinks. Bring variety in your food and don’t prepare the same food every day.

Do Yoga and physical activities

According to advice from American Heart Association, one should do physical exercise for at least 150 minutes a week or at least 3 days for 1 hour a week. Yoga and exercises keep you healthy, fit, and active. It also helps to concentrate on work, feel fresh the whole day, and maintain body weight.

Dance, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobic activities are some of the examples of popular, safe, and easy-to-do physical workout.

Eliminate the stress from your life

Stress affects your overall health and daily work also. Daily stressful life may increase your weight, lowers immunity, and invites many diseases. It is not easy to stay away from stress in today’s hectic lifestyle. But it depends on you that how you manage this problem. For this, you need to understand what is important for you. This will help to reduce stress.

You can reduce the stress in many ways such as doing exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, attending motivational seminars, maintaining healthy relationships, and being in touch with family and friends and if needed also consult a specialist doctor in the field.

Have a good quality sleep

Many people lack good quality sound sleep and reasons may be many like stressful daily routine, hectic work schedule, working under pressure, overuse of electronic devices such as mobile phone during a bad time, etc. All these may disturb your sleep. Inadequate and disturbed sleep may bring health issues such as obesity, heart problem, insomnia, etc.

Good quality sleep is helpful for your overall health, energizes and refreshes you for better work quality on next day. If you are struggling for good quality sleep here are few tips to solve it and you can also contact your doctor if needed.

  • Avoid overuse of coffee or tea during day time and especially when going for bad.
  • Fix your bad timing and waking timing also. Due to this good habit, your body will automatically set biological time.
  • Try to sleep in a dark room instead of a room having much light. More light will disturb your sleep.
  • Avoid mobile phones, TV, or electronic devices for at least 1 hour before going for bad.
  • Don’t do heavy exercises before going to sleep. You can do light exercise including breathing exercises and can read books also.

Maintain your mental health

Mentally disturbed people also lose their physical health over time. Mental health is equally important. Because physical and mental health goes hand in hand.

For better mental health avoid unnecessary stress, anxiety, anger, future tension, etc. Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, talking to friends and family, light physical activities, doing work that you love to do, etc. these will help to maintain your mental health.

Try to include all these five rules narrated here in your daily life. Improving a good lifestyle with such good habits will help to improve your overall health and you will also feel utmost happiness in life.

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