6 immunity weakening food categories to be avoided in covid pandemic

6 immunity weakening food categories that should be avoided during the COVID-19 pandemic

6 immunity weakening food categories to be avoided in covid pandemic

The second wave of COVID-19 is more severe and spreading fast as well as damaging more to the affected person. In case if people are not healthy enough to combat the disease, they are more easily affected.

After many studies, researchers give understanding that people with low immunity are at higher risk of getting infected and affected with a severe form of the disease. Our lifestyle and foods play a major role in our immunity. Some bad habits and diet may weaken immunity, while good habits and a healthy diet helps to build up the immune system.

Here I am sharing such 6 food categories that should be avoided. Because it may affect your immunity and health adversely.

Alcohol and smoking

Smoking and alcoholism is such a bad habit that affects your health very well if you’re habitual to it for many years. Alcohol damages your liver which is one of the most important organs to clear toxins from the body. The liver is also known as the chemical factory of the body.

While smoking damages your lungs and damaged lungs mean disturbed oxygen supply and elimination of CO2 from the whole body.

If the lungs and liver are damaged due to smoking and alcohol and by chance you get COVID-19, you are on the higher side of developing a severe form of the disease as it mainly affects the lungs. So it is advisable to stop both the bad habits as early as possible.

Junk and fast foods

Fast and junk foods are unhealthy choices for your body and immunity if you are eating them regularly. These foods contain more sugar, salt, saturated fat, etc.

Most such foods are prepared from white flour that is not healthy food if used daily as well as it is very low in fiber. These types of foods may disturb your digestive system and regular disturbance of digestion affects your overall health. So stay away from this kind of food and also don’t prepare it at home frequently.

Snacks and chips

Regular habits of eating different kinds of snacks such as potato or banana chips are not good for your health in the long run as it is fried, much salty, and may contain preservatives. It is less nutritional also. You shouldn’t use it on regular basis and in high quantity. Instead, you can eat the mashed banana, whole grains flour products, black beans, dates, dry nuts and there are many other healthy choices also.

Foods rich in sodium

As you know high sodium intake is not good for heart health and immunity. It may boost blood pressure and may also cause retention of extra fluid in the body. So it is advisable to stay away from high sodium-containing foods such as frozen meat, cheese pizza, snacks, high sodium-containing vegetables, pickles, etc. Also use less quantity of salt while preparing food and don’t sprinkle it on salads, buttermilk, etc.

Ice cream

Everyone loves creamy, sweet, and tasty ice cream. But it is high in sugar and saturated fat and contains very few nutrients. Therefore regular habits of eating ice cream affect body health and immunity also.

Instead of ice cream, you may have many healthy choices like honey, nuts, berries, fruits, etc.

Cold drinks

Packed cold drinks and beverages such as Coca-cola, Pepsi, etc. are high in calories and sugar as well as contain no nutrients. Some people are habitual to this kind of drink and consume it on regular basis. This bad habit may result in obesity and as you know obesity may invite many different diseases in the body as well as is it weakens immunity also.

Pomegranate juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and other fruits and their juices are healthy choices instead of these types of preservative and sugar-containing packed drinks.

Try to develop a good habit and have a healthy and balanced diet in life and also take precautionary measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. All these will help you to prevent COVID-19 and also from many other infections.

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