7 health tips to be safe in the second wave of COVID-19

7 health tips to be safe in the second wave of COVID-19

Many countries are facing a second wave of COVID-19. Some countries are facing third-wave also. In India, almost every state is affected by the second wave and cases are increasing rapidly.

In the second wave, the disease is spreading more rapidly and it is also in severe form. Lungs are quickly affected by a coronavirus in the second wave. Rapid and more involvement of the lung may make you more critical. Although most of the patients are getting recover at home during the quarantine period if they start treatment on time.

In many affected major cities of India, the government has imposed a partial lockdown. It will help a little bit. But we have to be safe on our own by taking some useful precautions such as the compulsory wearing of a mask, following social distancing, washing hands frequently with sanitizers or soap and water. Along with these precautionary measures, here I am sharing 7 helpful tips which may help you to be safe, healthy, and you may have fewer chances of getting infected with COVID-19.


Scheduling your daily work

Make a plan or list of your daily routine work to be completed. Try to complete all list of work at once when you go out of the home. By doing so you don’t need to go out of the home frequently, you will also feel controlled and focused. When you go less frequently out of home, there are fewer chances of getting infected with the disease.


Healthy and balanced diet

A healthy and balanced diet consisting of fiber, protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins is a demand of the time. Reduce salt, sugar, and also heavy fried, junk, and oily foods from your diet.

Take seasonal fruits in adequate quantity. It will provide necessary vitamins, antioxidants, and other important nutrients including water also. Keep hydrated yourself as summer is going on. A healthy diet makes you healthy and builds up immunity to fight against infectious agents.


Be physically active

Do yoga and exercise at home. You can walk on your home terrace also. Don’t go to the public parks or places to do physical workouts as there are chances of getting an infection. Home is safe and you can do physical activities or exercise at home also at your convenient time.


Mental and emotional stability

During this critical period of the pandemic, your mental health is also equally important. Stay connected with people and maintain relationships with your near and dear ones. For this purpose, you don’t need to meet physically. You can be in contact with them via social media or video calls also. Talking to relatives and friends helps to be mentally and emotionally stable.


Inspirational activities

Do inspirational activities during the free time such as listening to good songs, reading good books, and also walk on the terrace or nearby home. This will make you feel fresh. Also read or watch inspirational stories of celebrities, athletes, friends about how they remained fit during this pandemic.


Sound sleep

Take at least 7 hours of sound sleep during the night and also sleep 30 to 60 minutes during noon time if possible. Sleep is of utmost importance to health. It helps to restore the body’s energy and make you fresh. Disturbed and inadequate sleep may affect your health and subsequently may invite the disease. Stay away from mobile phones or electronic devices for at least one hour before going to bed.


Avoid unnecessary news from media

Try to live in present and avoid unnecessary stress of the future. Read and watch or keep eye on news and information which are necessary. But stay away from extremely sensational information. Because some information and news are presented in an exaggerated manner by some news channels that actually not necessary for us. Therefore, keep information but not much.

Thank you. Have healthy and safe days.

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