A perfect life partner motivation story | Is it possible to have a perfect life partner?

A perfect life partner motivation story | Is it possible to have a perfect life partner?

A couple came home celebrating the tenth anniversary of their married life. Shortly afterward, the wife said to her husband, “Today I read an article in a magazine about how to make a marriage life stronger. According to that article, we both will prepare a list of habits and things that we don’t like in each other. Then we will discuss that list one after another and work out a solution for a happy marriage.”

The husband accepted the proposal and got ready. Husband-wife both sat in separate rooms and began to write down a list of things they did not like. Both of them thought the whole day and made a list.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, they decided to short out the list.

The wife said, “I’ll start first.” She remembered all the things and made a list of 3 pages. One by one she narrated all the things written in the list to her husband’s dislikes. The wife saw that the husband had tears in his eyes. She asked, “What happened?” The husband said, “Nothing, just keep reading.” The wife continued reading and completed 3 pages and put the paper aside.

The wife said, “Now it’s your turn, you say your list and then we’ll short out the problems.”

Calmly the husband continued, ‚ÄúThere is nothing on my list. I believe you are a perfect life partner. I don’t expect any change in you. You are loving and kind. It’s perfect for me to be like you.”

Husband’s openness, honesty, and acceptance brought tears to his wife’s eyes.

There are times in life when we are hatred. We get depressed or helpless. In this situation, we have to ignore this time, keep motivated ourselves and support each other.

We have a very beautiful world. Why waste our life and time thinking wrong or seeing wrong. Always enjoy the wonders of nature around us.

I believe we are happy when we praise the good and forget the bad. No one is perfect. Only need to change your vision.

Always remember that you will never find the perfect life partner you want. But accept whatever love you find. The person who accepts you with your flaws and strengths is your perfect partner.

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