Bus driver jumps into a lake for 365 days in a row to get rid of covid anxiety

Bus driver jumps into a lake for 365 days in a row to get rid of covid anxiety
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The Covid pandemic has increased the stress of many people around the world. Many people have suffered from mental illness. The time of lockdown was difficult to pass. The pandemic has affected both physically and mentally. The bus driver, who lives in Chicago, USA, jumped into Lake Michigan for 365 days to get relief from this stress. On Saturday he caught everyone’s attention by doing this work for 365 consecutive days.

Who is Dan O’Connor?

Dan O’Connor is a bus driver living in Chicago city of USA. He is a father of three children. He became popular and came into the limelight when he started jumping into the north side of Michigan Lake throughout the year and he had done so to relieve his stress. Dan O’Connor had so much fun doing this that he continued for a year

What he had done in the lake?

Forgetting the noise of the world, the bus driver would stand on top and then jump. He started jumping into the lake every day to relax from the tense atmosphere around him in the COVID-19 pandemic. He had so much fun in this activity that he continued this work 365 days a year without taking a single break.

The 365-day experience was indescribable. Dan expressed his experience at the time of the pandemic. The pandemic was going on, the protests were on, the elections were on. During all these conditions I used to come to this place and connect myself to the lake forgetting the noise of the world. My 365-day experience is indescribable.

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How anxiety is diagnosed?

Dan’s body also suffered multiple injuries

The jump was a little difficult as the lake froze in the winter. But Dan managed in his own way. Dan’s body also suffered multiple injuries when he jumped in the winter, but he continued to work.

How does Dan get motivated?

Dan told that people ask me, ‘What do you get benefits and how do you get support for a living?’ He replied that he was talking to different strangers online. People praised and encouraged me when I posted my videos on social media like Twitter and Instagram. Their comments made my day better and I was very happy to see all this. This all supported me, encouraged me, and continued the activity of jumping into the lake which also relieved my stress.

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