Coronavirus positive again after six months


Coronavirus positive again after six months

The recent pandemic of coronavirus has changed the whole world in every field. The entire world is fearful and raised many questions. This virus is new to the scientist and researchers. Almost more than eight months passed, and still more investigation and studies require about the details of the infection and disease in different categories.


The possibility of the recurrence of the disease or infection is one of the major questions asked by many peoples.


In China, two-person tested positive again by Coronavirus. In the Hubei of China, a 68 years old woman affected by COVID-19 before six months in February, and she tested positive still for the virus. Another man in Shanghai found to be asymptomatic carried who was positive in April, which means after four months tested positive again.


These cases raised many concerns to the researchers and scientists and fear among the people. It is a matter of debate and requires more studies and evidence about reinfection of the SARS-COV-2 virus, recurrence of muli system inflammatory diseases, and the living antigen of the virus in the body if any.


Multisystem inflammatory diseases are seen even after three months, and antigens of the virus are detected.


Is the SARS-COV-2 virus reappeared again in both these cases?

We can’t say anything about this at present because no other persons are infected due to these cases who are in contact with them. This suggests that any antigen of the virus is present in the body and detected in the tests even after six months.


It also raised a possibility that the antigen of the virus is living in the body, and another infection is stimulating this Coronavirus, causing inflammatory or immunological reactions without active virus present in the body.

Again this needs more researches and investigations. The possibility of the recurrence of the diseases can only be confirmed after solid evidence and studies. Till then be safe, be careful. Have a healthy day. Thank you.

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