Does Coronavirus spread through food and food packages

Coronavirus preservation in food packages

Infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungus are transmitted and infect humans in many ways, and food is one of the mediums. Organisms transmitted from food is of one of the primary concern because it is our daily necessity.


In the era of coronavirus pandemic, its a matter of concern that whether we get SARS-COV-2 virus infection through food or not. So many peoples are asking questions about this.


Is it possible for the transmission of coronavirus via food packages?

Transmission of the virus is via food, frozen food, and food packages still need more evaluation and investigation. There is no reliable evidence at present that suggest the infection to human in this way.


Recently local Chinese authorities informed that they found COVID-19 virus traces from the imported frozen food in two cities. About this World Health Organisation (WHO) says, it is less possible that the people can get infected by COVID-19 viruses from food or food packaging. Because without the presence of living host coronavirus becomes weaker and lost its capability to infect or multiply actively.


Can we freeze the virus?

The answer is yes. When we are tested for COVID-19, the samples are taken in a tube. The tube is kept below minus 4 degrees Celsius, and the viruses can be preserved for 24 hours. Below minus 60 degrees Celsius it can be stored for months.


We can store or freeze ovum or sperm for years, then why not viruses. So it is possible to freeze the micro-organisms in the frozen food packages and can be transferred across the borders. When the viruses came out from frozen food, it can live for a few times. But still, no strong evidence or study is there that suggests the infection of SARS-COV-2 to humans via frozen food packages. This needs more investigation.


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