How a doctor wish happy new year to their patients?

happy new year

The running year 2020 is nearer to the end and the new year 2021 is on the way. 2020 was very difficult on the health side for the whole world. Pandemic ruined the life of many persons in many ways. Hope the new year 2021 will be cool, healthy, and bring new happiness and charm to every individual.


Doctors can also make jokes and can wish their patients in a funny way on different festivals and occasions. Here is the Happy New Year wish and greetings from a doctor in a funny mood…


“From this New year to the coming next New Year……..

Your oxygen level remains always 99

Your ability to hold your breath lasts more than 30 seconds

Your body temperature doesn’t exceed 98.6F

Your RTPCR report remains negative

Your CT scan report will return to normal

I wish and pray to God on this New Year.”


Mask is one of the important measures to prevent coronavirus infection. Still, peoples aren’t taking care of wearing the mask. So, here is a fun way or example to explain the importance of it.


Use the mask just like shorts or underwear

Don’t leave home without wearing it

Don’t remove in front of everyone

Don’t put your finger in it everywhere

Cover the entire space or area

Do not adjust it frequently

Change and wear every day

Assume that if it is taken off, honor will be gone

Throw away it if have holes

Keep it clean and tidy

It is not more expensive than life

Never wear of the others

And don’t give yours to others”

Sorry for explaining the use of the mask in this way.


1st line Rx in Dosticulosis…
Pyarazinamide, Dedicacin, Lovebutol, Dostomycin, Yariniazid.
This is lifelong therapy in DOTS – “Dosti On The Spot


Doctor’s message:
If you think your life getting “Necrosed“,
Your dreams “Inflamed” and
Your thoughts “Thrombosed“,
then spread the “Neoplasia” of smile and
try for its “Metastasis“.

Wish you and your family a Healthy Happy New Year 2021

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