How to reduce cough in COVID-19?

How to reduce cough in COVID-19?

There are many symptoms presenting COVID-19 disease. Among which cough is one. In COVID-19 it is mostly dry cough. But it can also be present with sputum.


It is very important to stop coughing in COVID-19. Sometimes excessive or continuous coughing may also be present which throws out the viruses into the air and can infect all the persons living in a room. So it becomes very important to stop it.


How to stop coughing?

Dry cough in coronavirus infected patients may remain for a long time and excessive coughing is necessary to reduce virus infection to be spread to others. Here modern medicine as well as Ayurveda will help the person to stop it.


  • For continuous dry coughing modern medicine suggest codeine. Syrup, linctus, or tablet consisting of codeine is available only after the prescription of a registered doctor. Other medicine also there but codeine is a good choice. Coughing with expectorant for sputum doesn’t need codeine.


  • Ayurveda also suggests some ingredients which are easily available in our kitchen or nearby store. In the honey, you can add one or more ingredients like clove, mint leaves, or ajwain. These ingredients with honey will help to reduce coughing. Warm milk with turmeric powder is also helpful for immunity. Mostly this household Ayurvedic treatment doesn’t have any side effects. You can also use both the Ayurvedic and modern medicine for treatment at the same time after consulting your doctor.


  • Gargle is also very beneficial in coughing which reduces congestion and viral load from the throat. It helps to clear post nasal discharges also.


You can use simple warm saline water, with or without salt or povidone Iodine 2% gargle. Also, you can use turmeric in warm water or oil gargle like sesame oil or coconut oil. You can do gargle whichever is suitable to you or advised by your doctor. It has a supportive role by clearing infection from the throat.


Remember this article is only for information and education purposes only. Any medicine or action must be taken under the care of expert doctors or certified health care professionals only. You can choose the treatment suitable for you only after the advice of your doctor. But dry cough is necessary to stop as early as possible to spread infection from respiratory droplets.


This is all about the article. Have a nice and healthy day.

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