Important information about face mask

 Important information about face mask

Face mask, hand sanitizer, and thermometer gun has become the necessity in this COVID-19 pandemic era.


SARS-COV-2 virus spreads through respiratory droplets and the main entry point is the nose and mouth. Therefore face mask plays an important role in prevention as well as spreading the virus. Wearing the mask directly reduces the chances of getting an infection.


In today’s difficult time everybody is convinced of wearing masks but still, there are many different questions in the mind of people regarding how, when, and which face mask should be used. We will try to solve all these questions as much as possible.


When to use a face mask?

Whenever you feel the chance of getting a coronavirus infection you should wear the mask.


In the home, if any one of the members is COVID-19 positive, you must wear it as well as social distance and all other persons are highly necessary.


When you go outside the home for any purpose, it is important to wear the mask because you don’t know who is infected with the disease. Don’t move down the mask below the nose while talking to others.


How face mark works?

Face mask covers your nose and mouth which is the main entry point of the virus.


While talking to others or when they sneeze or coughs that person throws the respiratory droplets directly into the air consisting of thousands of coronavirus. So face mask prevents these viruses to enter directly into your system. Different masks have different capacities and use to prevent infectious agents.


Which face mask is best?

Different types of face marks are there which have different roles. Some masks are made for industrial purpose where dust and chemical contact is prevented.


Face mask for pollution is used for multipurpose activities like riding bikes, cycling, running, hiking, etc. which prevents against dust. Here you can search for the best seller mask in this category on Amazon and the best seller from Amazon’s Choice is here.


Some mask is made to prevent infectious agents. During this coronavirus pandemic, N95 and surgical mask is highly beneficial. Surgical mask has three layers and N95 has 5 layers. Still, there is confusion to researchers which mask is useful in COVID-19 prevention.


N95 mask with a valve should not be used. It prevents you from viruses to enter into your body. But when you exhale or cough it throws out viruses outside. Therefore it is not good to stop spreading the disease to others.


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What is the best method to use a face mask?

Many peoples don’t know how to use or wear it. Here is the guide for them.


  • Before using or touching the mask, you should wash your hand with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • After that, you should inspect that your mask is in wearable condition or there is no hole or tear in it.
  • After inspection, you should wear it from the proper side. Metal or stiff strip should fit on the nose.
  • For face tightening mask, press the metal strip again nose to fit completely. Pull down the mask’s bottom to cover your mouth and chin properly.
  • Don’t touch it after wearing it.
  • After use remove it properly without touching to your cloth. Throw it in the closed dustbin immediately after use. It should not be reused. Wash your hand with sanitizer or water and soap after throwing it into the dustbin.


Can I wash or reuse the face mask?

  • Generally, surgical or N95 masks should not be washed. Because after washing, it usually doesn’t retain its quality as much. Rather than washing you should keep it in sunlight for disinfection purposes.


  • A homemade cotton mask can be washed. After washing it can be reused.


  • In the home or when you are not in much contact with others you can use the same mask for 2 to 3 days, but only after taking proper disinfectant precautions.


  • You must not wear a face mask used by others.


  • Discard the mask when it is not in wearable condition or torn.


  • A disposable face mask is meant to use only once. It should not be washed or reused again and again.


How to know my mask is breathable?

To know whether my mask is breathable or not, you have to perform a test. Take a torch, keep light against the mask, and check if the light passes through it. If light passes through it, then it is breathable.


If you have more questions about face mask please ask in the comment box below. Thank you.

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