Important information before buying hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer awareness

An infectious disease called COVID-19 has taken the whole world hostage. At the present stage, doctors are giving instructions to prevent the transmission of this deadly disease, which includes constant hand washing, social distantness, wearing a face mask, and eating foods that boost the immune system. Among which people became more aware of hand washing or keeping their hands clean.


While people are constantly seen washing their hands with sanitizers to prevent coronavirus, duplicate sanitizers are also becoming available in the market as the demand among the people is increasing. Doctors are asking to avoid duplicate sanitizers. This is because chlorhexidine and ethanol mixed sanitizers are only effective against coronaviruses.


With a talk to Dr. Pratik Savaj, an infectious disease specialist serving in the Surat city, Gujarat, India, has given important information. He informed that the sanitizer containing the mixture of chlorhexidine and ethanol is most beneficial to destroy the SARS-COV-2 virus in the hand. These ingredients in the sanitizer must be checked before buying it. If this is not taken care of, after cleaning your hands with duplicate sanitizer, you will get only peace of mind, but not the security from the virus.


Washing your hands with soap will provide more protection than cleaning your hands with such duplicate sanitizers. When cleaning hands with sanitizer or with soap and water, the fingertips and the inside of the nail should also be cleaned. So that the virus can be completely removed.


Some FAQ about Hand Sanitizers:

Which is the best brand containing chlorhexidine and ethanol?

There are many sanitizers with different brands available in the market like Dettol, Boro Plus, Lifebuoy, Purell, Tri-active, Palmolive, Asian paints, etc. which contains only alcohol-based sanitizer. 

Few brands contain both the mixture like MicroshieldSavlonetc. which you can buy online on Amazonand Flipkart also.

Himalaya hand sanitizer also contains extracts of some natural herbs like lime, nagaramusta, coriander with alcohol.


How hand sanitizer work?

It contains alcohol in an amount of 60% to 95% and some sanitizer also contains chlorhexidine with alcohol. Both of these able to dissolve the outer layer of the viruses and bacteria and thus destroys them.

Although some bacteria or viruses are not affected by these ingredients. They need other types of sanitizers. But in the present situation of coronavirus alcohol-based and chlorhexidine containing hand sanitizers are most effective.


How hand sanitizer is made at home?

You can also use a homemade hand sanitizer by mixing the proper quantity of the ingredients. For making hand sanitizer gel, you need alcohol and aloe vera. Mix both in proper equal quantity. You can also add 8 to 10 drops of essential oil in it if you wish.


Are hand sanitizers harmful?

It usually doesn’t harm the skin. In some sensitive people, it can cause dryness or irritation of the skin. In these instances, they shouldn’t use it. But you can use soap and water. It is another safe alternative.

As it contains alcohol which is inflammable content, you should keep it away from fire and such things that can catch the fire easily.


Is hand sanitizer is safe for the baby?

For infants, it shouldn’t be used. For other children, it should be used under the supervision of adults. Only a small quantity or pea-size quantity is sufficient.

A little lick of the sanitizer is not harmful. If a child drink sanitizer about one teaspoonful, you should consult the available nearest doctor or poison controlling center.

Alcohol-based sanitizer is usually not harmful. If you are more concerned about the safety, avoid hand sanitizers, and use soap and water with precautions. It is more safe option.


Can we carry hand sanitizer on a plane?

You can carry such liquid or gel in the amount of 100ml bottle. Aviation ministry also allowed until 350 ml for a limited period. Rules can be changed at any time. So please confirm this before traveling to the plane.


How often should you use hand sanitizer?

You should use it whenever you are in direct touch with any surface or to other persons and there is a chance of contamination or transmitting the infection.


Can we use hand sanitizer on the face?

Some people take alcohol on cotton and wipe up the makeup of the face. Alcohol-based sanitizer is not harmful to the skin of the face. But you should avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membrane of lips.

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