Is it safe to sleep with a partner after COVID-19?

Is it safe to sleep with a partner after COVID-19?

COVID-19 pandemic has raised many questions. Many of them are answered on evidence-based and many need correct evidence. Let’s discuss one question among these.


Is it safe to sleep with a partner after COVID-19?

Physical relations or sex is common need or emotion between husband and wife. So this is a common question asked by many couples.

People also asked, When can I have a physical relationship with wife or husband after the illness? And also asked about the planning of pregnancy after they suffered from the disease.


Usually, after 9 or 10th day the SARS-COV-2 virus doesn’t replicate in the body and doesn’t transmit to others. But till 14th day there may be also traces of the virus in the systems of the body. So you must be careful until this time. Proper quarantine or isolation is must till 14 days. After that you can live a normal life with advised precautions by your doctor.


Thinking about sex or physical relationship, you can have it after 14 days but you must use physical barriers like condom.


SARS-COV-2 virus may be present in semen and stool up to 3 months also. There is no solid evidence about this, but studies from Ebola or Zika virus cases shows that viruses can be found in semen up to 3 months. So, till this time period, it is better to sleep with a partner with the use of condoms or other protective barriers. It is a safe practice and doesn’t spread viruses from semen.


After 3 months you can have safe physical relationship or can plan for a baby. But remember still there is no solid evidence or study on this matter. So you must consult your doctor before taking any decisions or actions. This post is for information and education purposes only.


This is all about the article. Wear masks, keep a safe distance from others. Have a healthy day. Thank you.

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