Is it safe to wear a seat belt and drive a car during pregnancy?

Is it safe to wear a seat belt and drive a car during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is such a feeling that it can’t be expressed in words. It is a wonderful and indescribable experience for those who are going to be parents. But it is also of utmost importance to take care during pregnancy to avoid any complications.

Today we will discuss driving a car, wearing a seat belt, and what care should be taken while driving.

As the awareness and empowerment of women increases, the number of working women also increases. In today’s busy life many women must need to go office or at the working site even during pregnancy. This results in traveling or some women drive the car by themselves.

Is it safe to drive a car or travel during pregnancy?

You can do short-distance travel. But for long-distance, it is very important that you should avoid traveling or driving during the first and last few weeks of pregnancy. And it becomes a must if your doctor advised you for complete bed rest.

But if the circumstances are unavoidable for traveling, you should take all the care. On the way whenever you need rest, stop the car and relax. If possible, you should avoid driving by yourself, especially when your baby bump is out.

How to be comfortable in the car during pregnancy?

Due to longer driving and traveling, your foot and ankle may get swollen, or even there may be pain also. To avoid these, you should take many halts and rest outside the car.

You should also carry healthy food and snakes with you. So whenever you feel hungry you can eat it.

Pregnancy also causes frequent urge for urination and during this time it is not a good habit to hold urine for a longer period. Stop the car and go to the washroom whenever you required.

Should you wear a seat belt during pregnancy?

A seat belt is for our safety and this safety rule is also applicable during pregnancy. So you shouldn’t avoid seat belt wearing. Rather you can lose the seat belt if it is very tight to be comfortable.

Tips for traveling or driving during pregnancy

If your traveling place or workplace or office is near to home, you can drive the car by yourself. If it is far away from home, the following tips may be helpful for a comfortable journey.

Always carry water or juice along with you. You shouldn’t be dehydrated by any means.

Avoid car driving for long-distance by yourself. If possible you can hire a driver or car should be driven by husband or relative who are with you in the journey.

Keep a comfortable cushion behind your back.

Carry all things and necessary medicines advised by your doctor. You can also carry anti-motion sickness pills prescribed by your doctor along with you.

Do your health check-up before starting a long trip. Be prepared and have all precautions before commencing your long trip. For you and your baby, this will be beneficial.

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