Male fertility warning for smartphone users

Male fertility warning for smartphone users

In the last few decades, technology has advanced very much in every field. Almost every person is in touch with technology directly or indirectly, especially the digital ones like smartphones. There are many studies conducted on its usage and it’s more or less harmful effects.


Smartphone users have increased at a higher level in young age groups. Peoples are habitual to its usage especially during sleeping hours including children also. Studies show that mobile phone usage during bedtime affects your sleep and in many cases responsible for sleeplessness and the problem of dry eye also.


But a recent study shows a scary relationship between men fertility and usage of digital media especially tablets and smartphones. This study is led by the author Amit Green, Ph.D., from the sleep and fatigue Institute, Assuta Medical Centre, Israel and published on Medscape.


This study conducted on 116 men and shows that men who are in exposure to smartphone and tablets which are light-emitting devices during evening and night are at higher risk of damaging their sperm quality and quantity also.


Affected men have reduced sperm concentration and motility of sperm. To fertilize an ovum, healthy as well is mobile sperms are required and both are affected in smartphone users during evening and night.


What is the solution to this problem?


Rajkumar Dasgupta. MD, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California, advises a good message about keeping technology away from your bedroom.


You should not use smartphones or tablets before 2 hours of bedtime. This is the shortcut message to every man who uses excessive digital devices after evening and night.


Develop this healthy lifestyle for your health and your healthy future generations. Thank you. Have a healthy day.

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