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Summer is going on and the temperature is very high. So proper care of the body should be taken to maintain optimum health. As you know mango is the summer fruit and is also known as the king of all fruits because it is almost a favorite for every one of every aged people.

Health benefits of mango:

It has many health benefits as it is a highly nutritious fruit containing a good source of vitamins, antioxidants, and a high amount of fiber also thus beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels and aid weight loss.


But are you eating mango and its preparation or recipes in a proper way?

We usually consumed ripe mangoes by making chips of whole fruit or making juice. It should not be consumed along with some other food combinations, you can call that food as opposite foods. By doing so it may cause many disturbances in our body. Here I am sharing with you some special health tips about what care should be taken while consuming mango?

Tip 1 should you combine mango and buttermilk or curd?

Buttermilk and curd should not be consumed along with mango juice. According to Ayurveda buttermilk and curd is having sour property (amla vipaka) while mango is sweet (madhura vipaka). By consuming both foods at the same time it will increase gastric problems like acidity, sour eructation, nausea, etc. and also may cause headaches, uneasy feelings in the body, and some skin problems also. So to keep it better digestible it shouldn’t be combined with curd and buttermilk.

Tip 2 should you combine mango and milk?

We can take mango with milk as both having sweet property (madhura vipaka) according to Ayurveda. Taking both together it becomes a very nutritious meal to our body. It is the only fruit which should be taken with milk and other fruits should be avoided according to Ayurveda.

Consuming both mango and milk together by making juice is helpful to eye health and in eliminating constipation.

Tip 3 should you combine mango with paratha or chapati?

You should consume mango juice with chapati or paratha. In olden days our elders were eating mango only with roti or paratha or puri to make it easily digestible and much nutritious to our body.

Tip 4 is it better to consume mango juice with vegetable recipes?

We usually consume mango juice with chapati or paratha and with any vegetable recipe. Here it is suggested that no vegetable recipes or preparations should be consumed along with mango.

Tip 5 can we eat pickles with mango?

Indians are fond of eating pickles with meals but pickles also shouldn’t be consumed when you are taking mango. It can increase gastric problems like acidity.

Another thing to remember is that mango shouldn’t be consumed in non-seasonal times. We usually store mango chips or pulp by freezing and consuming it at any time of the year. It should be avoided. Always consume seasonal fresh mango.

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