Solution for digestion problems: 7 worst and best habits affecting it

Solution for digestion problems: 7 worst and best habits affecting it


Ayurveda says more than 95% of the diseases happens due to disturbed digestion. Disturbance in it leads to many health issues such as gaseous abdominal discomfort, bloating, indigestion, constipation, skin problems, hair problems, etc. These problems are increasing nowadays due to lifestyle changes and thus we are disturbing our digestive system knowingly and unknowingly.

Better digestion depends on many factors such as our energy level, metabolism, longevity, our physical and mental health also. Healthy digestion is base of better health and disturbance in it starts from the mess in lifestyle or day to day routine. In this article, we will discuss the 7 worst habits that cause disturbance of digestion and the 7 best habits which will help you to improve your digestion.

7 worst habits disturbing digestion

Bathing after a meal:

In the morning we breakfast first and then we take bath. We may have also the same habit when returning from our work that is having dinner first and then bath.

This is among the worst habit as after eating heat of our body is increased which helps in the digestion process. Taking bath after having a meal cools down our body temperature and hence digestion also. Try to change this bad habit if you have and take bath 20-30 minutes before your meal or breakfast if possible.

Water just after a meal:

Another bad habit is many people drink water just after taking their meal or some may also during meals. 1 to 2 sips of water during a meal is allowed but a large quantity is not good.

Doing so water will dilute stomach juice and this will cause a slow down in the digestive process. Undigested food gets decompose in the digestive tract and this will produce toxins rather than providing nutrition to our body.

In Ayurveda having water just after a meal is considered as poison. Try to develop a good habit of drinking water 30 to 40 minutes after your meal.

Wrong food combinations:

Many people do wrong food combinations which disturb digestion over a long period such as consuming fruits with milk, eating salty or namkeen foods with tea, cucumber raita, having tea just after a meal, etc. These are opposite food combinations.

If you are already suffering from digestive problems such as indigestion, bloating, acidity, etc., you should avoid banana milkshake, mango-milk combination, even salads after sunset, fast foods, too many nuts at a time, many white flour products, etc.

Preparing meals for a whole week:

We are living in today’s fast era where everything is fast and everyone also wants to be the fastest. No one has time. In this case, many people prepare their food for 2 to 3 days or even a week also in advance and store it in freeze. Every food has an expiry or life. After that, it becomes less nutritious.

You may think that by keeping foods in freeze, there may not be any change in food quality. But this is not true.

In Ayurveda this kind of food are considered is stale or “tamsik”. When this kind of food is consumed, it may produce toxins or digestive problems also. Freshly prepared foods are easily digestible, nutritious, and good for health also.

Many of you say that we are eating this kind of prepared food for a long period and yet have no problems. Yes, there may not be.

Our digestive fire increases up to 16 years and up to 35 to 40 years it remains stable. But after that, it may reduce and our digestive process may become slow and weak. You are young at present. Therefore there may not be any problem with this kind of habit but at a later age, it may cause digestive issues. So it is wise to avoid these types of bad habits.


Overstress and anxiety disturb our stomach. This is due to our state of mind is connected to digestive functions also.

If our bowel moments are good and we defecate very well every day, it makes us fresh. And if we don’t defecate well, it will make us irritated. This is due to a strong brain-gut connection.

Nowadays stress is becoming an unavoidable part of our life whether it is from excessive use of social media, mobile phones, stress from exams or work, or a broken relationship. Give break to yourself, be close to nature and enjoy it, do some workout. It will help a lot to relieve stress.

Irregular meal timing:

Another side effect of a busy lifestyle is irregular food timings. Those who go to office or duty may take lunch on regular time. But they may skip breakfast, take dinner at off time, or may munch anytime at night. This confuses our body and doesn’t secret digestive juices very well.

If you want to maintain your digestive system strong then promise yourself to have meals on regular time. 30 to 40 minutes change or irregular food timing for one day per week is acceptable. But try to take meals regularly on other days is very important.

Chewing improperly:

How we eat is more important than what we eat. How much time we chew a food bolus is more important. Many people chew a bolus for only 4 to 5 times and then swallow it. But the ideal number is 32.

Our digestive system is designed in such a way that 50% of food bolus should be digested in the mouth only. Due to improper chewing, you may feel denervated or have digestive problems as the body’s much energy is used in process of digestion for the foodstuffs that are not properly chewed.

7 Best habits for improving digestion

Changing the grains regularly:

Try to dialogue good habit of changing food items prepared from different grains. Don’t be habitual for consuming chapati or breads prepared from one grain like wheat or eating rice regularly every day. Bring variety to your food.

This will provide you best nutrition, probiotics with soluble and insoluble fiber and this will build your digestion stronger.

Probiotic-rich food:

Weak digestion power is one of the signs of a lack of good probiotic foods. Probiotics are good bacteria that help to keep our digestive system stronger and also by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria.

Should you buy supplements for probiotic requirements? No. Try to make distance from so-called probiotic drinks or supplement which provides you much sugar than probiotics.

Rather than purchasing the supplement, you can eat curd mixed with slight jaggery before breakfast. Other sources are fermented food prepared at home such as apple cider vinegar, idli, paneer, etc.


Try to add 2 to 4 teaspoonful of cow ghee in daily food. You can smear it on chapati, bread, or add in curries or rice.

It contains butyric acid which serves as a major source of energy. It also lubricates the small and large intestine and helps to eliminate waste.

Quality sleep:

You have noticed that waking up after good quality sleep, you have an urge for bowel emptying. This is due to our digestive system works with full intensity when we have better sleep.

Nowadays we are compromising with our sleep in many ways especially overuse of social media and mobile phones even at late night. This will affect the digestive system. Try to develop good habits of 6 to 8 hours of good quality deep sleep.

Also, try to sleep on the left side. This will prevent acid reflux.

Yoga and Asanas:

Vajrasana is the only asana that can be performed even after having a meal.

The right nostril breathing yoga technique also known as Suryabhedi Pranayam is beneficial for better digestion and 9 to 10 times before meal is enough. Many yogasanas should be performed on an empty stomach and helpful in improving digestion.

Food that improves digestion:

If your digestion is already weak, you can chew a small ginger piece with rock salt before meals.

Taking a few usually a teaspoonful of fennel seeds after a meal helps to improve our digestion.

A meal in a peaceful atmosphere:

Try to have meals in a stressless, pleasant atmosphere. Because taking food with an irritable mind disturb not even your digestion but also overall health.

Therefore be cool during eating food and avoid watching TV, using mobile phones, stress of work. Have a meal with the whole family with cheers.

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