What is endemic, epidemic and pandemic?

After the recent Pandemic outbrake in world, many people came across medical terms like an epidemic, endemic, and pandemic


The term endemic refers to the constant presence and/or usual prevalence of the disease or infectious disease or agent in a population within a geographical region.

For example, Malaria is endemic to some areas of Africa and India. This means Malaria always present in a certain population or region

The term Epidemic means the sudden spread of disease that affects large number of people in a given population within a short time. 


So the epidemic term is used for the outbreak of disease to a particular geographical area and affects a high proportion of the population in a short period.

The epidemic term has been applied to West Nile fever which is a mosquito-borne disease and the obesity epidemic 

Increase in virulence, introduction to news strains, or changes in host susceptibility of infectious agents, this are some changes in infectious agents may trigger epidemic

Factors triggerring epidemic

The pandemic term refers to an epidemic that has spread across countries and continents, which means spread over several countries or the worldwide spread of an epidemic


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