The ultimate secret of success | How to be successful in life

The ultimate secret of success | How to be successful in life

Once a young man asked a monk, “what is the secret of success?”

So the monk told the young man to meet me by the riverbank tomorrow.

The next day the young man and the monk went to the river bank. Where the monks hold the young man’s hand and started walking inside the river. As they walked, the water reached their necks. Suddenly, the monk grabbed the young man’s head and drowned him. The young man was initially stunned but then struggled to get his head out of the water.

The young man failed to get his head out of the water because the monk was so strong. The monk immersed the young man until he turned bluish. The monk then pulled the young man’s head out of the water. As soon as his head is out of the water, he opened his mouth and began to breathe quickly.

The monk asked the young man, “What was the first thing you wanted to do when your head was submerged in water?”

The young man replied, “Breathing”

The monk said, “This is the secret of success. When you want success so intensely as much as you want to breathe in water. Then you will get it. There is no secret other than that.”

Everyone wants success in their life. But the definition of success or kind of success may be different for each one. Some want to be rich as success or someone wants a brand name. But whatever it may be, everyone needs to work hard to get it.

As the path of success is difficult, at some stage in life one may have to face failure also. At this stage, many people get demotivated, depressed, and also get mentally disturbed. But success is yours if you get out of all these matters. If your path of success is correct and true, stay on it, keep courage, work hard and success will be yours. Be positive.

Here are some secret key points to be considered to be successful in life.

Money is a byproduct

Considered earned money as a byproduct of your hard work. Don’t run behind money. Your ultimate concentration on work will automatically bring you money. Due to concentrating on money instead of the quality of work, you may get frustrated if you can’t earn money initially. So focus on quality work.

No substitute for hard work

Have extreme hard work and provide quality work. There is no substitute for hard work. Deer do not sit in the mouth of a sleeping lion. He must work hard to get his food.

Don’t afraid of failure

As money is a byproduct of success, likewise failure may also be a byproduct of a work process. You may have to face failure and criticism initially. Bypass all these matters and go ahead in the path you selected to be successful. Failure comes to teach you something new and more. So accept it and learn from it. Always challenge failure.

Learn to be patient

Be mentally cool and prepared as success is a long process. It is not easy for everyone. It may take a long time. Develop this quality as it will help even after you become successful.

Change the path if needed

If the selected path and factors are right, work hard on it. If it doesn’t work for you, you should change the path but not the goal. You need to think hard which doesn’t work for you and bring a solution for that.

Know your strength and weakness

In the path of success, you need to recognize your strength. In which field you are powerful and which you are weak. Outsource your weakness and in this case, appoint another person in place of you.

Be punctual

Discipline and punctuality are must-have qualities in life. Don’t let laziness dominate you. These both qualities help you and your whole team.

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