This plant leaves keeps you away from many diseases

mint leaves

The abdomen and digestive system is such a part of our body that if we keep it in a healthy state then it keeps away us from many diseases. And if we don’t take care of it properly and its function is disturbed it invites many diseases in our body.


To keep our abdomen and body in a healthy state today we will discuss the benefit of using a plant leaves named mint leaves or pudina, which is easily available in every kitchen and nearby area.


Use and health benefits of mint:

  • Vitamins are essential for our body. It keeps away us from many diseases and helpful in immunity boosting. Mint leaves contain many vitamins special vitamin A in high quality. Vitamin A is helpful for an immunity booster, for our eyes, skin, and many other ways.


  • Mint leaves increases our digestive power and likewise is helpful in reducing anorexia, indigestion, and other gastric problems like stomach ache.


  • When our mind is upset and in a nervous condition, then mint leaves are very beneficial. Crush the few mint leaves and take out the juice, add some sugar for taste and drink it. It will fresh your mind, energizes your nervous system, and help to remove nervousness.


  • Juice of mint leaves when taken with cumin, provides you the cool feeling in hot weather.


  • You can prepare chutney of mint leaves by adding one or more ingredients like garlic, coriander, peanut, almond, cashew nuts, and lemon juice according to your taste. This chutney is helpful in anorexia and other gastric problems.


  • You can make juice of mint leaves by adding rock salt, dry ginger, and paper. This is beneficial in reducing cough and cold.


  • Take 10-12 mint leaves and boil in 100 ml of water until one-fourth of water remains. The use of this water is beneficial to calm down many abdominal diseases and discomforts.


  • Use of drops of mint leaves juice in the nose is beneficial in reducing cold.


  • Application of a mixture of lemon juice and mint leaves juice on the skin is much beneficial in skin diseases like eczema, ring guard, and fungal infection.


  • Use of mint leaves juice by adding lemon, pepper, rock salt, and fennel seed is helpful in increasing immunity and fight against many infections.


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