Unhappiness among newlyweds in the first year of marriage

Unhappiness among newlyweds in the first year of marriage

It is generally believed that people are happier in the early days of marriage. But the reality is quite the opposite. Researchers have discovered during research that this belief is not so true. Rather the fact is that the newlyweds are the least happy during the first year of marriage.

According to a study by Australian researchers, couples who have completed 30 years of marriage are happiest. The Deccan University’s Australia Center on Quality of Life tried to find out the secret of the happiness of two thousand people. According to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald, those who were happy during their first year of marriage got 73.5 points. While those who have been married for more than four decades got 79.8 points.

According to Melissa Weinberg, head of the research team, it is generally believed that the newlyweds are the happiest. But the results were quite the opposite. According to these results, there are different reasons behind the happiness of couples who are gratified in marriage and those who have lived a long married life. People think that their wedding day will be a memorable day of their life and before that the time between engagement and marriage will be very exciting.

After the wedding, the newlyweds have photos, videos, and all the bills as a memento of the wedding. Many people realize that the biggest decision of their life was for their own good or wrong. The researchers also found that married people were happier than those who were single or divorced.

In addition, women, in particular, find it difficult to get settled in a new environment. In the paternal family, she is accustomed to living freely while in-laws are subject to many restrictions. While living with in-laws, a lot of compromises have to be made to suit their nature, to suit their choice. It also causes quarrels with mother-in-law and sister of husband. If the wife complains to her husband about this matter, the mother-in-law also complains against her. In this situation, the husband is often sandwiched. In many cases, marital discord also begins. Under such circumstances, the newlyweds often wonder why they got married?

Husbands who have a habit of wandering off before marriage are bound after marriage. He also has the responsibility of the whole family. Under such circumstances, marriage may seem overwhelming. Because of such big and small questions, they may not be able to fully enjoy their married life in the early stages. Then in such circumstances, they seem to regret getting married.

Latter on newlyweds adapt to each other regarding all these matters over time. After the birth of a child, they realize their responsibility as parents. Which makes them seem more mature. They seem to pay more attention to the child’s upbringing, learning, etc. However, sometimes there are differences between different matters of the children. But in most cases, it is resolved.

Basically, if the husband and wife try to understand each other, recognize each other’s weaknesses without having big false expectations, accept the reality, know each other’s likes and dislikes, try to reconcile with each other, try to keep each other happy, then their married life begins very well and with happiness. If the beginning is good then the next life can be more fun for them! But, for this, both husband and wife need to give up their ego and walk on the path of life with each other!

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