Yoga is a Sanskrit word derived from the root ‘Yuj’ means ‘to join’.

It signifies the union between the individual soul (Jivatma) and the universal soul (Parmatma).

Yoga Therapy is the treatment of disease or maintenance of health by various yogic exercises which may be physical or mental or both and exercise mainly consist of Yogic Kriyas, Asanas & Pranayama.

Every year International Day of yoga is celebrated on the 21st of June.

The date chosen is 21st June of every year because of the summer solstice and June 21st is the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere.

Every year theme for Yoga is decided. Last year's theme was  Yoga at home and Yoga for family.

The theme for Yoga day 2022 is Yoga for Well Being.

The best time to practice yoga is 5 am to 8 am on empty stomach.

The only asana that can also be performed after food is Vajrasana.

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