What is sleep or night eating syndrome?

It is also called a sleep related eating disorder (SRED) and is a kind of abnormal behavior in which people cook and eat food while they are sleeping.

They have no idea about what they did in the last light when they woke up.

The cause of sleep eating disorder can be different such as sedative medication, antipsychotic and antidepressant medication.

A person with this syndrome may have some primary sleep-related problems such as restless leg syndrome, sleepwalking, or narcolepsy.

Symptoms include frequently eating during sleep and no memory of episodes of sleep eating.

There may be accidental injuries, weight gain, depression fatigue due to this syndrome.

Treatment of sleep eating syndrome is done by stopping the sedative medication if any and treatment of underlying primary diseases.

Change in a lifestyle is much important as a part of treatment. Anxiety and stress can be reduced by yoga and medication.

Avoid caffeinated beverages, watching mobile, and having much alcohol before sleep time.

Keep cabinets, oven, and refrigerator locked, and move furniture and other injurious equipment out of the path to avoid possible injuries in this syndrome.

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