What health issues are caused by use of air conditioner

7 health issues caused by the use of the air conditioner

Hello friends, today we will talk about some interesting and useful information about health issues caused by the regular use of air conditioners (AC). India and many other countries have a hot climate and people living in these countries can work in even this much hot climate as they are habitual to such high temperatures. But since the past few years to combat the hot climate, the use of AC has increased. Even now in villages and people living near the river banks are also fitting it in their homes.


It is also true that humans can work more efficiently in cold temperatures than hot. But Ayurveda says cold should be natural. So the cold atmosphere produced by air conditioners can lead to many health problems for the users. Cold in winter gives us life and livelihood because oxygen needed for our body is naturally available in winter rather than the continuous use of closed AC rooms.


Disadvantages of using air conditioners:

Now let’s talk about some health issues which may be caused by the continuous use of artificial cooling produced by AC.


  • Using AC for a long time, one can have headaches. There may be a feeling of heaviness of head and due to this one can feel bewilderment also.


  • Long term use of it can cause stiffness of the body, uncomfortable feeling, and even fever to many people.


  • Prolonged use can cause cold and feeling of running nose. Sometimes one can have a continuous cold, which further may cause sinusitis. Immunity plays an important role in disease-free healthy life. So continuous use of it can reduce our immunity. When there is a pandemic condition like COVID-19, we should avoid the use of it as much as possible.


  • People who use continuous air conditioning may become restless or anxious even in a tolerable hot or cold climate or atmosphere.


  • People are prone to be obese who are continuously using it. So people having obesity should be away from the regular use of it.


  • Asthmatic people should avoid the use of air conditioning. Asthma and other allergic rhinitis can be triggered by prolonged use of it.


  • Prolonged use of it can also cause coarse or dry skin and other allergic conditions of the skin also.



The use of air conditioners in a fair and systematic manner is useful for the good work efficiency of our body and health. But to be habitual of artificial cold air produced by it can lead to many health problems.


We should enjoy and feel all the seasons and climates provided by nature and limited, fair, and systematic use of instruments or products made to be happy prevents many health issues.


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