What is an antibody cocktail in treatment of covid-19?

What is an antibody cocktail in treatment of covid-19?

We heard many new medical terms due to the ongoing covid pandemic among which some terms are trending. Antibody Cocktail is such a kind of medical term that is trending now in social media due to the recent Phase-3 trial showing good results in the treatment of covid-19.

What is the antibody cocktail treatment used in covid-19?

Antibody Cocktail was first injected in October 2020 to President Donald Trump when he was infected with the SARS-COV-2 virus. After that in November 2020, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its emergency use. Since then it is in trial and now its phase-3 trial results are out.

Antibody Cocktail is an emerging new treatment for covid-19 in which two potent virus-neutralizing antibodies are introduced into affected patients.

Regeneron pharmaceuticals introduced the REGEN-COV antibody cocktail which contains two monoclonal antibodies named casirivimab and imdevimab. Each antibody binds with the spike protein present on the virus and prevents the virus from infecting the host cell. The cocktail may help the patient getting worse from covid-19 disease by reducing the ability of the virus to infect cells.

What is a monoclonal antibody?

Monoclonal antibodies mean a single antibody gene in a single B cell produces the same clones or copies of the antibody. The B cell is one of the types of White Blood Cells (WBC) that produces antibodies preventing us from the attack of viruses, bacteria, and other toxins.

Is antibody cocktail treatment effective against covid-19?

REGEN-COV antibody cocktail is introduced to the patient as a one-time injection. Regeneron Pharmaceutical presented their phase-3 trial result stating that it provides 72% protection against symptomatic cases in the first week and 93% protection in the following week. The antibody cocktail also clears the infection faster, fewer chances of hospitalization, and prevents the patient from a severe form of the disease. But antibody cocktail may also have some side effects.

The trial was conducted with different doses like 1200 milligrams, 2400 milligrams, and 8000 milligrams. It is administered intravenously. It works similarly to the antibodies produced by our natural immune system to attack the covid-19 viruses.

Dr. Powell, the chief of infectious disease at Tower Health explained that these antibodies last for a short period of time and don’t provide long-term antibody protection.

The Cocktail is still in the trial period and the final result is still to come. If it is successful and safe, it may be a part of treatment for covid-19 patients. Till then be safe, wear the mask, and take all necessary precautions.

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