What is Garbh Sanskar? Its benefits and process

What is Garbh Sanskar?

Many ask questions, is Garbh Sanskar science or scripture? All Vedic scriptures and Ayurveda are based on scientific methods. All the advice and literature have scientific value and are beneficial to people both physically, mentally, and emotionally also.

But science is not easy to understand for common people who are not related to scientific backgrounds. So, common people don’t believe in science directly. Due to these reasons, our Vedic scriptures are connected to religious beliefs. Everyone easily believes in religious sayings and follows religious instructions which are knowingly or unknowingly helpful to their health. Garbh Sanskar is also among these. So you can say it is both scripture and science also. Morden science also supports this.

Science says that the effects of your thoughts and lifestyle habits affect your baby growing in your womb. The more creativity you have during pregnancy, the more creativity you will have in your baby.

Human Embryology and Garbh sanskar is considered to be the best for the spontaneous mental development of a fertilized ovum. After the birth, the baby needs to be taken care of from the diaper to its clothes, toys, and all other small necessities. in the same way, all the pre-natal needs are taken care of in the Garbh sanskar process.

Abhimanyu is the best example of it. He had learned the trick of breaking the cycle of Chakravyuha in the battle of Kurukshetra in the womb of her mother. The government of Israel and New Zealand also follows Garbh sanskar that educating and preparing the parents before and after pregnancy for better development of their baby both physically and mentally.

Why Garbh sanskar?

Willingly or unwillingly the fetus becomes part of the activity and daily routine of the mother and the developing fetus is influenced by this. Garbh Sanskar helps here to impact positively on the baby and to improve the lifestyle of the mother.

80% of the intellect is developed in the womb and after birth child inherited this intellect. Therefore, the best intellect and education of mind can be achieved through the Garbh Sanskar process.

It is not the only process of development of fetus’s intellect and mind, but it changes the lifestyle habits and minds of parents and thus the whole family also. If the family of the country is morally and intellectually developed, it is helpful for the total development of the nation also.

According to a popular proverb, “Reap what you sow“, if we sow positivity in a moral, intellectual, and creative base of the child, the whole nation will also be developed in this matter.

Benefits of Garbh Sanskar

Pregnancy is not only a process but it is like a festival for the whole family. Change in lifestyle is beneficial not only to the baby but also to the health of the mother.

We know that we must have to work. But what if we must have to answer for that work? Then, that work is done in a better manner, with responsibility, and consciousness. This is achieved by the Garbh Sanskar process.

Garbh Sanskar affects positively the intellect and mind of the baby including the thinking and mood of the mother also. It also helps the mother to control unnecessary anxiety, anger, stress, etc. This positivity and good behavior also help in family relationship and you very well know that nowadays family relationship easily breaks into small matters.

Due to a changed and healthy lifestyle, it also helps to reduce the ratio of premature delivery.

Process and activities in Garbh Sanskar

The process and activities in the Garbh sanskar include different sessions, subjects, and materials such as…

  • Introduction to Garbh Sanskar and its benefits
  • Desire baby file
  • Yoga and meditation like joint relaxation yoga, Laughter and mind relaxation yoga, Yogic nindra or sleep, etc.
  • Pranayama such as Anulom-vilom, Omkar Pranayama, Shitali Pranayama, Chandrabhedan Pranayama, etc.
  • Sessions for personal counseling
  • Diet chart
  • Music which can be inspirational and refreshing
  • Daily routine and Lifestyle changes on monthly basis
  • Live activity sessions: like the motivational stories and activities, couple care and family bonding sessions, debate on a life of great personality, self-development activities, daily activity according to seasons, change in lifestyle, the role of husband in pregnancy, the role of the family in pregnancy, etc.
  • Mind development sessions: like guide on controlling jealousy, anger, ego, etc., to be social without the use of digital media, developing habit of book readings, understanding the true facts and false rumors, etc.
  • Mind games such as crossword, sudoku, puzzle, riddles, mystery-solving, etc.
  • Playing song games which is famous as Antakshari in India
  • Scientific understanding and celebration of festivals
  • The activity of embroidery and its importance, craft work, drawing, etc.
  • Development of all senses
  • Guidance on how to keep positive and emotional atmosphere of home
  • Extra planning for the desired baby
  • Understanding and importance of all 16 Indian Sanskar or sacrament or cultural ceremony
  • Education on the importance of mathematics, colors, creativity, consciousness, etc.
  • A suggestion of motivational and Inspirational movies
  • Proper guidance of wearing clothes and ornaments
  • Mood swing management
  • Guidance on proper behavior and home management as well as benefits and management of proper thinking
  • Benefits of sonography and laboratory testing during pregnancy guidance of process of delivery breastfeeding and care of newborn baby guidance regarding care after delivery

Garbh Sanskar process is not limited to only during pregnancy. But it can be started one year before pregnancy and can be continued till your baby becomes 2 years old. You can plan accordingly and search for Garbh Sanskar centers near you.

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