What is Naturopathy, Naturopathic Doctor and Naturopathic medicine?

What is Naturopathy, Naturopathic Doctor and Naturopathic medicine?

What is Naturopathy:

The Natural Way of treatment or Naturopathyis an alternative system of medicine to treat an unhealthy person where drugless therapy or the elements which are freely available in nature are used for treating the patient.


Naturopathic Doctor:

The doctor who treats unhealthy person or patient using the natural way of treatment is known as a Naturopath or Naturopathic physician.


Naturopathic Medicine:

Traditional naturopaths mostly use drugless therapy and is the mostly harmless practice of treating the person with various methods like exercise, yoga, hydrotherapy, food supplements, and many others.


Naturopathy Degree:

Different countries have different laws to become a licensed naturopathic doctor and to do private practice. The degree course run by different official naturopathic medical school or institutions which provide degree mostly in Alternative Medicine subject. And you have to contact the degree providing institution for qualification requirement and many other details.


Naturopathy History: 

The word Naturopathy originates from ‘natura’ and the Greek word ‘pathos‘ which means ‘suffering’. The term Naturopathy is of relativity recent origin but treating the person with different natural ways of treatment are ancient. Natural ways of treatment were used in many countries but in India, it was much developed in ancient time by using nature’s powerful healing agents such as Earth, Air, Water, and Sun.
In the modern era, the method of natural way of treatment originated in Germany in 1822, and later on, many medical practitioners from America and Europe spread this drugless way of treatment to different countries. In 1901 proper information and knowledge, collectively named is ‘Naturopathy’ was introduced by Benedict Lust who founded the American school of naturopathy and is also known as ‘Father of U.S. naturopathy’.

Basic principles of naturopathy:

Like any other pathy, Naturopathy has also its basic principles which are followed by Naturopathic practitioners to treat suffering persons. There are three basic principles on which the whole philosophy of Naturopathic practice is followed.

1. First Principle:

The first and most basic principle is that all the form of diseases is due to accumulation of waste materials and bodily discharges in the system.
In diseased or unhealthy person elimination of various waste material is disturbed. This may be due to years of faulty habits of living such as wrong feeding, improper care of the body, nervous exhaustion such as stress, overwork, and excess of all kinds. These all cause accumulation of toxic material in the body. All these toxic substances are removed by various natural ways of the treatment from the body to treat the diseased person.

2. Second Principle:

The second principle narrates that when the body initiates the efforts to throw off the accumulated waste and toxic materials, it results in all the acute diseases like cough-cold, inflammation, fever, digestive disorders, skin eruptions, etc.
And chronic diseases like rheumatism, asthma, kidney disorders, etc. are due to suppression of acute diseases through harmful methods such as drugs, vaccines, narcotics, etc.

3. Third Principle:

The third principal narrates that our body has sufficient healing mechanisms or power to bring unhealthy conditions to normal health when the right methods are applied to do so. In simple words, our body has the power to eliminate diseases itself if proper care of the body is done in various natural ways.

Methods of natural ways of treatment:

Naturopathy is mostly drugless therapy and uses the natural way of healing agents which are freely available by nature like…
  • Regulation of diet where fasting is most important
  • Hydrotherapy by various types of baths
  • Air and sunbaths
  • Exercise and Yogasnas
  • Massage with or without various oils
This article is inspired by the book: The complete book of Nature Cure by Dr. H K Bakhru and other sources.
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