Why curd is not advised to eat at night?

Why no curd at night?

Ayurveda is a very ancient holistic science that is not only used for treating diseases but is the science to live a healthy life. “Prevention is better than cure” is the main motto of Ayurveda. So it strongly advises the right food as well as the right time to eat that food to be away from diseases.


In this case, talking about curd, Ayurveda strongly advises not to eat curd or yogurt at night. Here night means after sunset. We usually take dinner after sunset between 7 pm to 10 pm.


Why to avoid curd at night?

Ayurveda denies to take curd and fermented foods at night. According to Ayurveda at night or after sunset our digestive fire or power is low. Due to this we should avoid heavy foods and eat light, easily digestible foods at night. That’s why in many religions people avoid any kind of heavy and fermented foods or even not taking dinner after sunset. They take dinner before sunset.


When we eat and chew it gives a sweet taste in our mouth because digestion of carbohydrates starts from the mouth. Then in stomach food becomes sour and when it reaches the intestine it becomes bitter. So, when we eat curd or fermented foods that are already pre-digested with other foods like paratha or roti, the protein, and carbohydrate present in the food gets time to be digested in the stomach. While curd already pre-digested food gets purified until protein or carbohydrates get digested due to low digestive capacity at night. This will cause acidity, gaseous abdominal discomfort, or other gastric problems.


That’s why Ayurveda denies to take pre-digested foods and any other fermented foods during night time.



If you are regularly suffering from digestive problems like bloating, gastritis, eructation, or indigestion, you should check whether you have a habit of taking curd or any other fermented foods like bread during night time. Instead, take milk with light foods and you may get relief from digestive problems caused due to fermented foods.


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