Why it is suggested to eat dal rice in COVID-19?

Why it is advised to eat dal rice in COVID-19?

COVID-19 has affected the whole world and during this pandemic era, everyone is talking about immunity and different ways to build up to it. Here nutrition plays an important role. Proper nutrition is helpful for good immunity development. So that we can fight against coronavirus infection.


When talking about nutrition everyone thinking that they should get proper and sufficient protein amount in their diet. Protein is helpful in muscle development and people believe that if the protein diet is complete, they will not develop muscle weakness. This is true also. Protein is needed for proper body function and dal rice recipes are a good source of protein.


Why it is advisable to eat dal rice in combination?

Dal is prepared from different pulses or lentils. For proper protein diet, people prefer dal rice. In Ayurveda and ancient history, it is more preferred and advisable to eat both dal and rice in combination rather than taking only rise or eating only the dal with chapati or roti. Why so?


The answer is simple to get all essential amino acids. When we talk about protein we also think about amino acids. Proteins are made up of small units of it. Our body should get all essential amino acids from our diet to work properly. Now talking about the dal rice diet, rice is lacking in lysine and dal is lacking in methionine and cysteine amino acids. To fill the deficit of these, both should be combined rather than taking only dal or rice.


If we eat rice with other vegetables but not taking dal or rajma also called kidney beans and likewise, if you only take dal or rajma with roti but not eating rice we may be deficient in some of the amino acids described above.


So it is advisable to eat rice with dal made with different pulses or lentils. It makes a balanced diet and serves all essential amino acids needed for our body.


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