Weight loss story of Nita Ambani with her son

Weight loss story of Nita Ambani with her son

Losing weight is like a nightmare for many. Because after gaining much weight it is not easy to lose weight. This journey needs patience, regular workout, diet plan, and change in lifestyle suitable for weight loss.

Today we have an inspiring weight loss story of Nita Ambani who is the wife of Mukesh Ambani, an Indian businessman and also holding the position amongst the richest persons of the world. She is also a philanthropist and businesswoman active in India.

She is 57 years old at present and still very fit, looking beautiful, and enthusiastic in many activities. This raises questions in our mind that how does she look so fit at this age. But let you know that her weight also increased and looking obese at one point in time. But now she had managed her weight and become physically fit again. If you want to know the secret of her fitness and want to lose weight likes she did, continue reading the article.

Secret of Nita Ambani’s weight loss journey

Lifestyle change and diet are the main secrets behind her weight reduction. She included lots of vegetables, fruits, and nuts in her diet instead of heavy foods. Along with diet, she was active in physical activities like swimming, yoga, gym, and others also. But below mentioned two things help her much to reduce weight.

Beetroot juice behind her weight loss

beetroot juice

She was drinking 1 to 2 glasses of beetroot juice daily and this helped her a lot. It contains little to no fat, low calorie,s and high in minerals and other antioxidants. It keeps the gut clean and helps to detoxify our body by removing toxins that may hinder weight loss.

So it is a good idea to add beetroot to your diet if you want to reduce obesity like Nita Ambani. You can eat it directly as salad or can make smoothies, use in salad dressing or with yogurt or curries. You can drink beetroot juice in pre-workout and post-workout season also.

Dancing behind her weight loss

Nita Ambani dance

Nita Ambani is good in classical dance like Bharatanatyam and also shocked her well-wishers many times with her beautiful dance performance on stage.

Dancing is one of the best exercises you can do for losing weight. It helps to increase body stamina, builds patience in yourself, relieves stress, keeps you fit, and no doubt that regular habits of dancing also helps to reduce obesity.

These are two secrets you should definitely apply in your daily routine to bring your weight to the normal limit.

Inspiring weight loss journey of mother and son

Generally what happens that what we advise to the opposite person, they don’t follow the advice or instructions. Because we are not also following the advice. For example, a father who is a smoker, advice his son not to smoke. How much this will be effective? First, the father has to stop the habit of smoking, then the son will follow the instruction very well.

The same thing was understood by mother Nita Ambani about her son Anant Ambani. Nita Ambani helps a lot to her son to lose weight journey. She motivated him very much. During this period she also tried for losing weight.

Mother and son both motivated each other very much. Nita Ambani once said “Being the mother of Anand, I also started a weight loss journey along with him. He is my biggest inspiration for losing weight. Because we are still fighting obesity. There are many children who are struggling with obesity and their mothers still feel ashamed to accept it.”

Likewise, she also tried fitness instruction and started lifestyle change along with Anant. So that he doesn’t feel lonely and demotivated. “What his mother does, the child does the same things also.” According to this proverb, she also started dieting with Anant. Whatever he ate to reduce obesity, she also did dieting with him. Whenever he exercised or go for a walk, she also started the same. Really both helped each other very much and such teamwork leads to success and that success we can see also in this case.

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