What are common causes of rashes on hands?

Many patients come with rashes on their hands, soles, and other parts of the body. Characteristics of these rashes may be different according to the underlying disease.

It may be painless or painful with or without a burning sensation. Rashes are usually macular but sometimes it is also presented as ulcerative, fluid-filled blisters, purulent with secondary infection. It may be with or without itching, scaly, raw, etc.

The final diagnosis is made after thoroughly evaluating the case, characteristics of the rash, and other associated and main symptoms whenever necessary investigations are also done.

common causes of rash in hands

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Causes of rash

There are very few diseases that cause rashes on the hands. Here is the list of the most common causes.

1. Hand, foot, and mouth disease

2. Secondary syphilis

3. Contact dermatitis

4. Infective endocarditis

5. Drug rash

Syphilis presentation

Primary syphilis: it presented as painless indurated ulcers on glands penis.

Secondary syphilis: When primary syphilis spreads in the body, it is presented as painless macular lesions or rashes on the palm and soles.

Tertiary syphilis: In this Neuro and cardiac involvement is there.

For the final diagnostic investigations report of TPHA and VDRL of both husband and wife should be sent.

Drug rashes

It appears due to drug allergies as red rashes with mild to severe itching a day to a week after taking medicine.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease

It appears usually in children below the age of 5 years as a painful, flat, or raised red rash.

Contact Dermatitis

It appears after contact with allergens. Usually, it is scaly or raw with itching.


Infective endocarditis, impetigo, scabies, ringworm, chickenpox, bacterial cellulitis, measles, and many other infections can also cause rashes on the body.

Other than these tick bites, insect bites, and autoimmune diseases are also reasons for the rashes on the skin.

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