Check these 10 websites for availability of oxygen, medicine, hospital bed in covid pandemic

Health system including covid-19 positive patients passing from critical situations especially when patients don’t get a bed for admission, oxygen, ventilator, and necessary medicines. Doctors and hospitals are also helpless as patients are admitted more than the actual capacity of the hospitals.

Some hospitals have bed availability but they don’t have oxygen cylinders to treat hypoxemic patients. So with a sad heart, they have to return the patient back or need to say that go to another hospital where oxygen bed or ICU facilities are available. In this critical condition, the relative of the patient also gets confused that whom to ask for the availability of such resources or facilities.

In this difficult situation, here is the list of 10 websites that provide useful information regarding the availability of hospital and ICU beds, ventilators, oxygen, medication, and much other information also. Most websites have the facility to filter cities. So you can track information about your city.

Please be cautious: All the links, websites, and sources mentioned in this article are independently updated and verified by the respective website owners. We are trying our best to list only those websites which are active and genuine and Mktalks don’t confirm their authenticity. So, it is advised that you first verify the information or data and take necessary precautions before taking any action or paying anything. Mktalks is not responsible for any loss that happened.

(1) Covid WIN


covid win

In this website, volunteer like you and me updates information regarding oxygen, hospital beds, medicines, plasma, food, ambulance, emergency services, testing, etc.

You can get information by selecting your state and city. The helpfulness of the information is marked by the count of Thumbs Up and Thumbs down. Details like address, phone number also available. You can also click “Mark unavailable” if a particular service is not available at present and likewise contribute to the website.

(2) Coronasafe Network


Life Coronasafe Network

After selecting your state, city, and resources you required, you will be displayed available resources with verification date, phone number, email address. You can also share it on social media and can also contribute to this website to verify the data.

You can also see recent tweets on the Twitter tab about various resources updated by various Twitter users.

(3) COVID-19 Help


COVID-19 Help

This website is nicely designed and looks like you are using a travel booking website where you have the option to filter your city and required items. After applying filters, you will be displayed verified data of required items with phone number, address, and verification date.

On this website, you can request data and add data also if you have information regarding any resources and likewise, can help your city people.

(4) India Covid Resources


India Covid Resources

This website has a mobile phone-like interface. You can search for required resources by top cities of particular states or by selecting your city also. Available resources with name, phone number, and verification date will be displayed. Most resources are tracked from Twitter and this website also has more than 200 volunteers to verify the data.

(5) Covid Fight Club


Covid Fight Club

This website collects information via different media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and volunteers verify the data. Here, you can request a service you need and you can also provide help or service available to you as a supplier. Filters such as city, your requirement, and supplier or request are available for easy use of the website.

(6) CovRelief



On the homepage of the website, you will find different resources like vacant beds tracker, oxygen availability, plasma, food, etc. By clicking on resources you can find the required resources of the city by adding your city name. Most of the information is collected from the government website providing you helpful hospital contact numbers, ambulance contact numbers, etc. with verification dates.

(7) Sprinklr

website: sprinklr


By selecting your state or city, you will be redirected on the homepage having resources such as hospital beds, oxygen cylinder, plasma, ICU and ventilator, etc. On clicking the required resources, you will be redirected to a real-time Twitter page where information is updated by various Twitter users.

(8) Covid Twitter Search


Covid Twitter Search

On the home page, you need to tick mark the resources you need and enter the name of your city. Then click on “search or generate link” and you will be redirected to Twitter where you can find resources of your city. Contact them and verify the data.

(9) Covid Army


Covid Army

On the homepage, enter your city name, resources you need and you will be displayed all the recent tweets regarding that particular required items.

(10) Covid Tools


Covid Tools

Select your needed resources, filter with your city and you will find details with contact number via recent and real-time tweets on Twitter. This website also has an option for community chat and a FAQs tab.

Important tips to keep in mind:

  • While using these resources or lead, please confirm and verify the accuracy by contact number given and then after take any action to prevent yourself from any scam.
  • Please don’t pay in advance and if required to pay at all, pay only a little amount. After receiving delivery, pay the rest amount.
  • Please apply the “Latest” filter while using information from Twitter. Also check for the comment section that may provide you important information about the reliability of the data, availability of stock, etc.
  • Always try to contact covid helpline numbers of your state regarding any emergency help and information.

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