COVID-19 vaccine cost at private hospitals

COVID-19 vaccine cost at private hospitals

Indian government is working well to prevent COVID-19 through developing mass herd immunity by vaccination. The first phase of vaccination to the frontline fighters such as doctors, hospital staff, etc. already started and many of them also completed the second dose of the vaccine.

From 1st March vaccination for senior citizens and other people with above 45 years living with comorbid conditions will be scheduled for vaccination.

But since the vaccination started one of the most gossiped and curious questions people asking is:

What is the price for a COVID-19 vaccine dose?

Well, vaccination is entirely free of cost at government health centers that are state-run COVID Vaccination Centresor CVCs. But now the government also permitted private hospitals as Covid Vaccination Centres where they will charge 250 rupees per dose of the vaccine. This means complete vaccination of two doses against COVID-19 will cost you 500 INR at private hospitals. This rate is decided by the government means the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India.

The government also advised to maintain strict norms including complete process, quality, and safety measurement including integration with the National Co-WIN technology platform.

Private hospitals also required to maintain adequate supportive staff, adequate space, adequate cold chain arrangement for the vaccine, and in case if there is any adverse effect after vaccination, the hospitals also should have arrangement to handle it. All the details of the vaccination should be given to the Co-WIN portal designed for the purpose of maintaining records. You need to register on this portal before having a dose of the vaccine.

The ministry informed that under Ayushman Bharat PMJAY around 1000 private hospitals empanelled while under CGHSaround 600 hospitals empanelled and also other hospitals can be used in private vaccination centers.

The second phase of vaccination will start from 1st March 2021 to all the peoples over the age of 60 and also for the age of 45+ with comorbid conditions are allowed to receive COVID-19 vaccine injection. Anyone who wants to receive vaccine jabs can register themselves on Co-WIN 2.0website or portal, choose the vaccine center nearest to you, book your slot and get your first dose of the vaccine.


On 22nd April 2021, the Serum Institute of India (SII) announced covid vaccine prices for private hospitals and government institutions or hospitals. SII will provide the covid-19 vaccine at a rate of 600 rupees per dose to private hospitals and 400 rupees per dose to the government hospital.

SII said that this rate is very low in comparison to the foreign vaccines which cost you 1500 rupees per dose in the USA, 700-750 rupees in Russia or China. At present, all rights of purchasing the vaccine are in the hands of the Indian government in India.

Please visit the below link for:

How to register and book an appointment on Co-WIN for Covid vaccine

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