The duck makes a noise while the eagle flies high | Motivate your mind like eagle

The duck makes a noise while the eagle flies high | Motivate your mind like eagle

After landing at Mumbai airport, I was waiting for a taxi at the taxi stand. Soon a taxi came and stood beside me. The taxi was very nicely polished on the outside and clean also. The driver, very well dressed in a tight white dress, black tie, and black cap, came out of the taxi and opened the back door for me.

He handed me a laminated card and said, “I am your driver Shirish Patil. Please read this my mission statement until I put your bag in the car.”

This was written in the statement

Shirish’s mission statement

“To get my customer to their destination quickly, safely and for less money and in a friendly environment.”

I was very surprised. The inside of the car was also very clean and neat.

Sitting in the car, Shirish asked me, “Would you like some tea or coffee?” I smiled and said, “No, I would like a cold drink.”

Shirish smiled and said, “Never mind, I have mineral water, orange juice, and Pepsi in my cooler.”

I was stunned. I took orange juice.

Giving drinks, he asked, “If you have anything to read, I have the Times of India, India Today, and Week Magazine.”

Turning on the car he gave me another laminated card to read.

“This is a list of radio stations and music channels. You can listen to it if you like.”

As if that was not enough, Shirish asked me if the temperature of the AC is right or should I change it? He told me the best way to get to my destination and told me to let you know the location of Mumbai if you want or not to disturb you if you don’t want to.

I curiously asked Shirish, “Do you always treat every customer this way?”

Shirish looked in his rearview mirror and said with a smile, “No, I have been treating like this for the last two years. I spent the previous five years complaining just like a normal driver. Until I heard a program on the radio called “Change Your Attitude” and read its book.

It was written in the book, stop complaining. See yourself differently than others. Don’t be like a duck but be like an eagle. The duck always makes a “quack quack” sound while the eagle always flies in the air higher than the world.

Reading the book, I felt that it was written about me. I also always complained to my customers. I slowly changed my attitude. Now if I looked at the other driver like an eagle they were absolutely dirty. Not keeping the car clean and tidy, treating customers rudely. Gradually I changed my behavior and I also started getting customer responses.

I asked what difference it made in your earnings.

“It definitely made a difference,” Shirish said. My earnings doubled in the first year from my eagle sight. This will probably triple this year. My customers call me or text me messages to book an appointment. If I am not free, I can arrange another good driver.

Shirish’s story was really wonderful. Today he has gone from being a taxi driver to owning a car service company. Because he decided that instead of sounding like a duck, he would fly in the air like an eagle.

Motivate your mind

It is generally observed that people usually complain about their jobs, business, or service they do. They also blame themselves, family members, and customers also. They are unhappy with all of them. The moral of the story is that you can achieve success if you stop doing all these things. Deal and treat everyone happily, friendly and be needful to them. The outcome will be amazing.

Otherwise, success in business or job is far away from you. You will also be mentally disturbed, anxious, and frustrated. Think and fly all above the world like an eagle. Eagle flies high, constantly looks at the target or food, and hunts it when the time comes. That’s why all professional successful people advise you to have an eagle eye. Concentrate on your work, serve your customers in a friendly atmosphere, and money, respect, the brand name will be byproducts.

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