Think of others as well to be happy and healthy

Think of others as well to be happy and healthy

Heaven and Hell

When a man died, Yamaraj, who came to bring him, asked, would you like to go to heaven or hell? He replied, first I will see both the places and then decide. Yamaraj first took him to hell. There was a large room and a long table. There was dinner in it, music was humming in a corner. There were people sitting on both sides of the table with sad faces and they seemed to be very hungry. But no one was laughing. He saw that they had a four-foot-long spoon tied in their hands. So they could not eat with this long spoon.

Now Yamaraj takes him to heaven. There was also a long table in a large room. It had food on it and music was playing in a corner. He saw people sitting on either side of the table. Their hands are also tied with a long spoon. But the only difference was that they were having fun and eating. He saw people feeding each other with their spoons. As a result, they were all happy, prosperous, happy, and contented, because they thought not only of their own interests but also of the good of others. This also applies to our lives.

Moral of the story

It is in our hands to make our situation or earth heaven or hell. When we think of others and their happiness, we also internally become happy as well as it relieves our heart and mind.

Unity and empathy are a major demand of this modern and mechanical age. Those who are united can be successful and powerful easily and earlier. Unity and empathy support each other in difficult times whether it is physical, mental, social, or financial.

In this stressful era, many people are mentally disturbed. These people need little support and motivation. This is called psychological help. This can be achieved if we think of others and support each other.

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