7 best homemade Summer drinks in summer to replace packed drinks

Best Homemade Summer drinks to try

7 best homemade cooling drinks in summer to replace packed drinks

Summer is going on, days are hot, and our body requires more liquid consumption to cool down and be hydrated. Thirst is naturally increased on summer days and we drink ready-made packed drinks to quench the thirst. It contains preservatives, a high amount of sugar, and calories also. It might provide a cooling effect for a while, but regular use of it may bring health issues. Therefore, it is not a good choice for health-conscious people.

There are many food ingredients available in the kitchen or easily available in nearer food markets from which we can prepare drinks at home on our own. These drinks are tasty, quench thirst, gives you a cooling effect, provide you nutrients, and also are a healthy choice for your body.

In this article, we will learn to prepare 7 cooling drinks at home. Among these, some can be prepared in less than a minute also.

Sattu Sharbat or Roasted chickpeas drink

Roasted chickpeas contain about 20% protein and other minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese, and magnesium in good amounts. Whenever you feel weak, your body aches due to the heat in summer, roasted chickpeas drink also famous is Sattu Sharbat is the best option. It instantly cools down the body and gives you energy. It is also good for the skin.

How to prepare Roasted Chickpeas Drink at home?

Take 4 to 5 teaspoons of powdered roasted chickpeas in a glass and fill the glass with 250 ml of water. Add half a medium-size lemon and black salt for taste. Mix it well and your drink is ready. Enjoy it.

Gondh Shikanji or Edible gum drink

Gondh is a Hindi word that means edible gum. Everyone likes lemon water in summer and it is a very healthy option also. But adding just one more ingredient into lemon water provides you double benefit and that ingredient is Gondh Katira. This drink is helpful to prevent heatstroke energizes the body, removes weakness, and it is also a constipation killer.

How to prepare gondh shikanji at home?

Take 200 ml of water in a glass. Add two teaspoons of Mishri powder into it. Add a pinch of black pepper, squeeze a lemon, a pinch of black salt, and 2 tablespoons of Gondh Katira. Mix it well and your natural energy drink is ready.

(To prepare Gondh Katira, take a half tablespoon of edible gum in a bowl and add water into it. Keep it as for a few hours. Edible gum will dissolve itself and your Gondh Katira is ready)

Cucumber Cooler

If you want fat loss and also a cooling effect in summer, then you should try this cucumber drink. It is very tasty and refreshing. It is rich in fiber, iron, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, helps to lose fat, and feels cool in summer.

How to prepare a cucumber cooler drink at home?

Chop 1 medium size of cucumber into small pieces and add that piece into a mixing jar. Don’t peel off the skin. Because the skin of the cucumber is very nutritious. Squeeze one lemon into a jar, add a pinch of black salt, and roasted cumin for taste. Now add half a glass of water and run the mixer machine till all ingredients are mixed well. Your drink is ready. You can strain it before enjoying it. But I suggest drinking it without straining to take full benefit of its nutrients.

Kachi Lassi

It is a very favorite drink in Punjab as well as the whole of India. Punjabi people enjoy summer with lassi extremely. It is a very refreshing summer recipe and it is the only Lassi recipe in which milk is used instead of curd.

You have noticed many times that in summer charity stalls serve free cooling drinks at the roadside. This drink is mostly Kachi Lassi. It has a very cooling property and is an energy drink. It is very easy to prepare also.

How to prepare Kachi Lassi at home?

Take 30 to 40 ml of milk in a glass. Add one tablespoon of Mishri powder to it. Fill the rest of the glass with water that is around 250 ml of water. Mix it well and your drink is ready. Isn’t it very easy to prepare? Enjoy it.

Watermelon mint cooler

As the name suggests it is made with the ingredients watermelon and mint. It is very refreshing and cooling. Due to mint leaves its taste is amazing. Whenever you feel dehydration in summer prepare and drink it.

How to prepare a watermelon mint drink at home?

In a mixing jar, take one cup of watermelon pieces. Add a few leaves of mint. Run the mixer machine and your drink are ready.

Jaljeera drink

This drink has a good cooling property and it also aids digestion, keeps you hydrated, a rich source of iron, detoxifies, and helps to lose fat.

How to prepare a jaljeera drink at home?

For this drink, we have to prepare to separate mixtures.

Mixture 1: In a mixing jar, take about half a cup of mint leaves. Add half a teaspoon of roasted cumin, one-fourth teaspoon of black salt, one-fourth teaspoon of rock salt, a pinch of black pepper, a pinch of asafoetida, and half a cup of water into it. Mix it well with the mixture machine. Your mixture 1 is ready.

Mixture 2: Now take 2 glasses of water in a bowl. Add 2 teaspoons of jaggery powder and squeeze a lemon also. Mix it well. Your mixture 2 is ready.

Final drink: Now mix both the mixtures very well and your authentic homemade Jal Jeera drink is ready. Enjoy it. It also helps to reduce digestive problems such as gas, bloating, etc.

Bael drink

Wood Apple is an English name for bael. It is like a gift in summer and is one of the most popular drinks. Ayurveda narrates its lots of benefits. It is beneficial for diarrhea, constipation, persons with diabetes, and high cholesterol. Bael drink has its own amazing taste and instant cooling property. It also purifies the blood, great for kidneys, helpful in asthma patients, and helpful in digestive problems also.

How to prepare bael sharbat or drink at home?

First of all, break the bael fruit into two pieces and scrape out its flesh with help of a spoon into a bowl. Add one glass of water to it. Now mash up it very well with your clean hand. Strain the mixture in another bowl and throw out extra pulp and seeds. You can add a little extra water during straining if required. Add jaggery powder for taste. Your bael drink is ready. Enjoy it.

These are all 7 homemade cooling and refreshing drinks to enjoy in summer. Let me know which drink you will enjoy first. Thank you. Have a nice summer.

Article inspiration from a YouTube channel: Fit Tuber

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