Uses of Gargle in COVID-19 and general health care

Gargles in COVID-19 era


In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to keep ourselves healthy and immune. So that there will be the lowest chance of getting infected with the disease. In this condition gargling to clear and clean the throat and post nasal discharges is very important.

Benefits of gargle

When COVID-19 infection is prevalent everywhere it is important to keep ourselves from getting infected and gargling is one of the preventive procedures. There are many benefits to it.


Gargle with or without the use of medicine or oil helps to keep our nose and throat clean and can be used even if there is no infection.


If you are infected with COVID-19 or any other respiratory infections helps to reduce growth and replication of viruses or bacteria.


It helps to reduce throat congestion caused by infection. It will also help to clear post nasal discharges.


Some naturopathic procedures like jalaneti also called nasal wash or nasal irrigation in modern medicine helps to reduce viral load and clear the upper respiratory passages. It is very beneficial for both infected or non-infected persons.


Which gargle is beneficial?

There are many things using which you can do it or you can also do simply warm water gargle.


You can do gargles of salt in warm water. It is easily available in every kitchen and widely used by most peoples.


Health care workers and doctors to prevent infection or people who are infected with COVID-19 can do povidone-iodine gargles. A famous brand name is Betadine gargle available as 2% solution in India.


You can also use turmeric in warm water.


Ayurveda also advice sesame oil or coconut oil. Use mildly hot or warm oil for gargling and throw out from the mouth. it will lubricate the whole mouth and beneficial in clearing throat and postnasal recharges.


Ayurveda and naturopathy also advise Jalneti and other types of neti or dhauti procedures. It is very beneficial for clearing the upper respiratory passage.


You can use any one or more procedures for gargle suitable for you and it is helpful whether you are infected or not infected. Most people have no side effects if done in the right way.


You should not use very hot water or very hot oil for gargling. It will damage the mucous membrane of mouth and throat and can cause more harm.

Usually, it should be done two to three times per day is sufficient. Some people do it often or hourly. This much frequency is not necessary. Sometime so much frequency may damage the mucous membrane of the mouth. So don’t have so much fear about getting infected. 2-3 times gargle per day is enough.

Procedures like jalneti should first learn perfectly or should be done under the care of experts in the field.

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