First case of post covid brain mucormycosis in the world

First case of post covid brain mucormycosis in the world

Cases of mucormycosis which is also known as black fungus are increasing rapidly during or post-covid complications. Although the disease is rare but such patients are affected more who are suffering from less controlled diabetes, on steroids treatment and having low immunity. Treatment and surgery for the disease are also expensive at present. Once infected with black fungus and if treatment is not done on time, it spreads rapidly causing much damage to affected organs and even death also.

Nowadays mucormycosis usually occurs in patients during or after covid. In most cases, the fungus spreads from the sinuses to around the eyes and the surrounding organs. This can cause swelling or pain in the eyes and jaw.

But recently according to Dr. Hitesh Chitroda, a renowned neurosurgeon from South Gujarat, for the first time in the world, a case of post-covid brain mucormycosis has been reported. In which the patient has only seen the effect of mucormycosis in the inner part of the brain. The effect of fungal infection around the eye and sinuses is not noticed in this patient which can be said to be very unusual.

A patient was admitted to the emergency department at SIMS Hospital at the Laldarwaja area of ​​Surat city after convulsion and falling unconscious. Then Dr. Hitesh Chitroda and his team Dr. Maulik Patel with Dr. Rakesh Bharodiya treated him.

The post-operative biopsy report revealed that the patient had been infected with the fungus mucormycosis. According to Dr. Hitesh Chitroda, this is the first case of post-isolated brain mucormycosis. Successful operations have been performed at SIMS Hospital in many other cases of mucormycosis. With timely and proper treatment this disease can be prevented and the life of the patient can be saved.

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